A Free Forever LMS to empower small & medium businesses, globally.

Free Forever | No credit card or sales reps involved You can set it up yourself!

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Easy Learning Access For All!

As many as 93% employees say they will stay longer at a company if it invests in their career development.

That's how important employee learning is!

saksham-Free Forever envisages to offer learning access to SMBs with limited budgets. A smart learning solution that enables smaller organizations to establish a learning culture and build a future-ready workforce, saksham-Free Forever provides best-in-class, yet affordable training. Power-packed learning awaits you!

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Build a workforce that is smarter, agile and future-ready

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saksham - Free Forever LMS with its smart recommendation engine and mobile app enables learning for all, anywhere and anytime. Make your training programs fun with gamification, and knowledge collaboration while ensuring ample learner engagement. All of this and a lot more at zero cost!

Features That Make This Possible:

Unlimited Learners
Unlimited Content
AI Recommendations
Multiple Learning Delivery Modes
Mobile Learning
Social Learning